Donate for Discount

This campaign has the highest consumer engagement. Our brand partners have seen great success adding a give-back narrative to an existing discount structure, thereby deepening customer engagement and driving change.

With the Donate for Discount campaign, it’s best to lead with the incentive first. Here are 3 examples of how you can phrase your Donate for Discount campaign:

  1. Save 25% off your entire purchase TODAY when you donate $3 to our charity partner.
  2. Give back. Get back. Save $5 when you donate $1 to charity.
  3. Support Breast Cancer Awareness. Save 20% on your purchase when you donate $5.


This campaign is a low-risk customer ask that can add up over time. We recommend keeping round-up connected all year long! Customers can donate as little as $0.01 to charity each time they purchase.

% of Sales

With this campaign, customers can see who their purchase is supporting without taking any additional action. Since everything is automated through your giving, this feature allows the customer to see how much of their purchase is giving back to charity.

Some of our brand partners will combine two or even three of the campaigns! Experiment and see which campaign(s) your audience loves to engage with the most.