How to configure your Impact widget

To display the Impact Wiget in your store, first, configure your settings. 

Be sure that the display is set to ON. After that, you can choose whether to display money raised or the number of donors your store has had so far. You can customize the text that appears in the widget, as well as its alignment and spacing.

Here's where it gets even more fun - you can choose whether to display a badge (square) or banner (rectangle). If you're on our Entrepreneur (free) plan, the Impact Widget will show in black and white. Here's an example of the black and white badge:

If you're on our Emerging or Scaling plan, you can set your custom colors and even set a background image with icons to reflect the overall cause you're supporting. You can also email to have us apply a custom font to your widget. Here's an example of the banner with custom colors and a background image:

How to install the Impact widget in your store

Finally, to install the Impact Widget in your store, you'll want to copy and paste the code snippet

<div class="dk-impact-static"></div>

into your theme's code files - wherever you wish to display your impact. For example, on the homepage, an Impact page, or the footer of your website. Please note the code is HTML and so the widget will only display if you place the code snippet in a section that accepts HTML -- some themes won't accept HTML on the homepage or the footer, for example. But you can always paste HTML code on a page.

The easiest method, no matter what your theme looks like, is typically to add the widget to its own page. Here's how to add the widget to an Impact page:

  1. Copy the code snippet above
  2. Open the page where you want to show the Impact widget and click on the <> box to open the code editor.
  3. Paste it in there
  4. Remember to save!
  5. To change the content, look and feel, or alignment of your Impact widget, remember to head back to your Shop for Good dashboard > Impact Widget.

If you don't see your Impact widget:

  1. Try opening the page in a new tab or window. If you still don't see it...
  2. Head back to your Shop for Good dashboard > Impact Widget and make sure the display is set to ON.
  3. Still don't see it? Email for assistance.