• 1. Add the Shop for Good app to your Shopify store
  • 2. Configure your campaign (select at least 1 nonprofit, your credit card, etc.)
  • 3. Switch to Manual Installation mode > ALL products > hit SAVE
  • 4. Follow the steps below


This is the code snippet you'll want to use when integrated at checkout. (Inside  <div class="content" data-content> )  

<div class="dk-tipping-static"></div>


Copy and paste this code to checkout.liquid above the </head> tag:


window.dk_widget_show_tipping_checkout = true;</script><script type="text/javascript" async="" src="https://assets.dailykarma.io/prod/init-checkout.js?shop=[YOUR_STORE].myshopify.com"></script>


Make sure your .myshopify.com store URL is in there. For example, if your URL is mystore.myshopify.com, then the code should look like this:


<script type="text/javascript" async="" src="https://assets.dailykarma.io/prod/init-checkout.js?shop=mystore.myshopify.com"></script>

Save your changes. Then return to your Shop for Good dashboard and CONNECT your campaign(s).


Please note that the custom amount widget will appear in the checkout process, so go through the entire customer flow up until payment to see and test the Custom amount widget at checkout.


Email us at support@dailykarma.com if you have questions.