Why should I test?

You should always test anything you add to your website before promoting it to your customers. This is just best practice with anything to make sure you're always putting your best foot forward :)

How should I test?

To test your Donation Tiers campaign, customize, connect it, and then go through the customer flow as if you were a buyer. Check for the following things:

  • See what the widget looks like on your product pages (and/or wherever you placed the widget if you chose Manual installation instead of Automatic). Do you need to make any tweaks?

  • Add the item to cart and then click on the widget. After that, you should see the "Charity Donation was added" message on your product page where the widget used to be:

  • Go to your Cart page. You should see the product as well as the donation product both in Cart:

  • Proceed to Checkout. You should see the donation.

If you encounter any issues as you test, please reach out to us at support@dailykarma.com. And if all looks good, you're good to go!