Make sure you've already selected a charity and added your credit card (and hit SAVE). Now you're ready to set up and connect your first Donation Tiers give-back campaign!

Configure your donation tiers

First, in the Shop for Good dashboard, set your three preset donation amounts -- you can also check the box underneath to allow shoppers to enter a custom donation amount:

Customize the look & feel of the widget (colors, alignment, and text)

Customize the look and feel of your customer-facing widget as well as what you want the widget to say (consider naming your chosen charities, e.g., “$5 of your purchase will be donated to the Environmental Defense Fund and Oceana. No cost to you.”):

Select where to display the widget

Select whether you want the widget to appear on ALL product pages (the charity promotion automatically appears on every product page) or SPECIFIC product pages (the charity promotion only appears on the bottom of the selected product).

You can choose to place it in the cart instead (or in addition to displaying it on the product pages). For this, scroll down to Manual Placement Instructions.

Placement & Preview

Select whether you want the widget to appear automatically. You can also use preview mode to see what it's' going to look like (this only works before you connect the campaign -- or you can disconnect to use preview mode):

Save your changes!

If instead, you want to place the Donation Tiers widget manually on the cart page or elsewhere, follow these instructions:

Manual Placement Instructions

Switch to manual mode

Manually paste the code snippet

<div class="dk-flat-static"></div>

into the page of your choice:

It will vary by theme but, for example, to place it into your cart page, you'll probably want to place the code snippet in your cart-template.liquid file above your cart form code and then hit SAVE. Refresh your cart page to see the % of Sales plugin in your cart.

Paste the code snippet above your cart form code:

Save your code changes, go to your cart page (you might need to refresh it), and you’ll see the Donation Tiers plugin:

Have questions? Contact and we’ll respond within 72 hours.

Important note about manual placement

If you change the theme of your Shopify store and the app is connected, please disconnect & reconnect the app via the Shop for Good dashboard.


If you would like to unpublish the app from your store, but keep your settings saved so you can republish later, simply click “Disconnect” in the Shop For Good app dashboard.


If you would like to completely uninstall the app, in your store’s main app management dashboard, simply click the trash can icon next to our app name. This will disconnect the app from your site automatically. This applies to both automatic and manual installation.

Once you've either selected Automatic placement or Manually placed the code snippet in your code files, you can use Preview mode to see how it will look before you connect the campaign.

To do this, hit Save (but not Connect) before hitting "Preview" to see how your widget will look once you connect. Or you can choose to connect immediately and go to your product page to see how it looks!

If you use Preview mode: 

You'll know you're in Preview mode because you'll see a red banner across the top of your page like so:

To exit Preview mode, return to the dashboard and hit Connect:

After that, the Donation Tiers widget will automatically appear on every product page.

If you don’t see your widget appear or have additional questions, contact and we will assist you within 72 hours.