To change the location of your Donation Tiers widget on your product page, you'll need to first switch from AUTOMATIC to MANUAL placement in the Shop for Good dashboard:

Then hit SAVE!

Then copy the code snippet and manually paste it where you want it to show (you'll be pasting it within your code files):

<div class="dk-flat-static"></div>

Placing Donation Tiers on the product page

For example, if you want to place the widget underneath your payment buttons, follow these instructions:

Remember to SAVE your changes! 

Then go to your product page and refresh it to see the widget. 

If you don't see it, try a couple more places in the code. 

Placing Donation Tiers on the cart page

For the Donation Tiers widget to appear on your cart page, you must set it to show on ALL products in the Shop for Good dashboard and enable manual placement. 

To place it in the cart page, this will depend on your theme but most likely you'll want to paste the code snippet above the <form> code in your cart-template.liquid file and follow the same process.

For example:

You can also email for assistance.