Shopper's Choice and Charity-Product Grouping are two features that let you jazz up your cause marketing campaigns even more!

Shopper's Choice

Shopper's Choice is available with ALL Shop for Good plans.

With this feature, you can opt to let your shoppers choose to support their favorite of your selected charities rather than have their donation split among all the charities.


Their dollars, their choice! Shoppers can also let their donation be shared among all your charities. 

Here's a quick video tutorial on how to use Shopper's Choice:

Charity-Product Grouping

Charity-Product Grouping is available with Emerging and Scaling plans only.

This feature lets you tie different products to different charities. Perfect for special events and seasonal promotions! 

You can now choose to have, for example, pink t-shirt sales support a charity for Breast Cancer Awareness Month while sales of a black sweater benefit a mental health charity for Mental Health Month. Get as creative as you want! 

Just click “Specific Products” under the “Apply to all products or specific products” section to access the dropdown menus and choose specific charities for each product:

Here's a quick video tutorial on how to use Charity-Product Grouping:

Shopper's Choice and Charity-Product Grouping are available with the following Shop for Good campaigns:

  • Donate for Discount
  • Donation Tiers
  • Round-Up & Round-Up with Custom Donations (Shopper's Choice only, as Round-Up works at the cart or checkout level and consequently isn't tied to specific products)
  • % of Sales 

We encourage brands to choose one or the other of these two features -- either make product sales benefit all charities and allow shoppers to choose their favorite one to support or preemptively choose which charities each product should benefit. This way, either the shopper or the brand choose, but not both at the same time.

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