Tips & Tricks for Successful Campaigns

Create a Plan

Choose whether you want to support the same charities for an indefinite period of time, or to alternate benefiting charities throughout the year depending on month, season, or current events like awareness holidays.

For example, intimate apparel brand Felina chose to support Keep-A-Breast for Breast Cancer Awareness month in October and saw great results: AOV for orders with a donation rose by 14% compared to orders without a donation.

And gourmet dog bakery Bubba Rose increased AOV by 16% with Shop for Good:

  • Make giving part of your brand. Post frequently about the exclusive offers you’re giving to shoppers that donate.
  • Add your charity posts into your promotion schedule. At launch, we recommend sharing cause marketing posts once a week to make your customers aware of your new charity campaign.
  • Integrate Flash Campaigns to honor a specific day or awareness month, like Felina did with Breast Cancer Awareness Match user donations for a specific period of time to deepen your commitment — or donate a percentage of sales via our % of Sales campaign!

Announce your new give-back strategy

Tell your community why they should care about the charities you selected. We recommend using personal/brand connections to illustrate why the charity resonates with your community and your brand.

We recommend using the words 'supporting' or 'benefits' as it relates to the nonprofits you support as opposed to using the word 'partnering.' 'Partner' indicates that a reciprocal marketing effort between you and your benefiting charities may occur, as opposed to you supporting a nonprofit without the nonprofit actively taking part in your giving.


Finally, we recommend full transparency around your giving.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) does recommend transparency in cause marketing. In other words, they recommend disclosing how much you’re donating, especially when running a Portion of Sales campaign. You can read about that here under Standard 19.

This will help the nonprofits you’re supporting feel good and also give more peace of mind to your customers. It’s a win-win.