How do I disconnect a campaign and remove the app's code from my website?

In order to cancel your plan with Shop for Good and fully remove the app's code from your website, you'll want to disconnect any Shop for Good campaigns you have connected and then uninstall the app.

  1. Here's how to disconnect your campaign from the Shop for Good dashboard:

  2. To cancel and remove Shop for Good from your store, simply uninstall the Shop for Good app from your Shopify store via your online store > Apps. 
  3. If it was custom work, you will need to go in your Shopify store theme, and manually delete the code. You can easily find all Shop for good code by pressing ctrl+F and search for DK. 

How do I downgrade to the free plan on Shop for Good?

If you'd like to keep your app installed, you can cancel your paid plan through your online store > Apps > Shop for Good > Account Info. From there, you can downgrade your plan to our free Entrepreneur plan by clicking on "Cancel Paid Subscription":