My Round-up campaign doesn't work

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If nothing happens

If you click your Round-up widget and nothing happens (no donation is added to your cart) it may be that your store is using some script or app which blocks opening the browser console. If this is the case, that script probably blocks the execution of our script on the Cart page which adds the Round-Up product.

An app that could cause this issue may be Cozy Antitheft. So we recommend trying Round-Up after uninstalling Cozy Antitheft (if you have it installed). If you don't have Cozy Antitheft or a similar app installed, email for assistance.

Other errors

  • If you're running into problems where the donation doesn't apply to the order when the customer checks the Round-up widget and the widget appears unchecked after the page refresh, make sure you haven't changed anything on the Round-up donation product. The Round-up donation product must show as available in your online store -- if you'd like to keep Round-up from showing, simply disconnect the campaign instead of modifying the Round-up donation product. Please also do not change the donation product vendor.

  • If your Round-up donation appears as sold out at checkout, head to your Products > Round-up donation product. You’ll want to edit Locations under Inventory and make sure all boxes are checked.

Please note

If you're a Shopify Plus user and have placed Round-up at checkout, please note that when the widget is checked by a customer to donate, the page will refresh and wipe out their credit card information. This is normal. The customer will have to enter it again or just after making the donation. A great alternative is to keep Round-up at cart level.

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