You can support up to 5 at one time. We recommend selecting 1-2 charities with values closely aligned with your brand values so as not to dilute your brand message.

Each donation will be split across all charities you select -- unless you:

  • Allow customers to choose one charity from your list of charities (this is our Shopper's Choice feature)
  • Tie certain products to specific charities (this is our Charity-Product Grouping feature)

Shopper's Choice is available with ALL plans and Charity-Product Grouping is included with our Growth and Pro plans.

You can switch these charities at any time. If you don’t find a charity in our drop-down menu, add it by typing in the name and clicking on the “Add New Charity” button. Please note all charities must have a valid public 501(c)(3) status to be approved.