You can support up to 20 at one time. We recommend selecting 1-3 nonprofits with values closely aligned with your brand values (and what your customers care about!) so as not to dilute your brand message.

Each donation will be split across all nonprofits you select -- unless you:

  • Allow customers to choose one charity from your list of charities (this is our Shopper's Choice feature)
  • Tie certain products to specific charities (this is our Charity-Product Grouping feature)

Shopper's Choice is available with ALL plans and Charity-Product Grouping is included with our Emerging and Scaling plans.

You can switch these nonprofits at any time. If you don’t find a nonprofit you want in our drop-down menu, add it by typing in the name and clicking on the “Add New Charity” button. 

Please note all U.S.-based nonprofits must have a valid public 501(c)(3) status to be approved. For nonprofits outside of the United States in particular, please include as much information as possible (city, charity registration number, URL).