Do discounts affect my campaign?

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Automatic Discounts

Automatic discounts will impact donations for all campaigns with the exception of portion of sales. If you are utilizing a portion of sales campaign, you do not need to follow these steps. 

Separating Donations from Discount Codes

The donation needs to be excluded from your discount codes. The easiest way to do this is to create a Collection that excludes the donation product(s), and then exclude that collection from discounts. 

Once you have created your collection, go to the "Discounts" screen in Shopify and create your discount to apply only to the collection excluding the Daily Karma product(s). 

Creating an Automated Collection

Go to your Products/Collections tab in your Shopify dashboard.

Create your automated collection by selecting "automated". 

Set your conditions by selecting "all conditions" and in the pulldown menus select: Product vendor > is not equal to > Daily Karma. Save your changes. This will separate the donations from the Collection you will assign to your discount code(s) in the next step.  

 You can select specific collections while creating a discount and set it to exclude your current campaign.

Creating a Manual Collection

If you wish to manually create a discount, do the following.  

Enter the "Collections" screen from your dashboard and begin creating your collection. For individual items, select the option "specific products" and select all the items you want to have on discount, excluding your current campaigns. Save your collection and you are good to go.

You can also create a manually made collection by following the instructions below. 

Manually Creating a Collection

If not selecting individual items for discount, and you want to create a collection, go to "Products" on your Shopify dashboard. Select the items you want to make part of your collection, excluding any of your current campaigns. When done, look for the popup options at the bottom of the page and click the menu option on the right. Select the option to create your collection.

Creating Your Discount

Once you've created your collection, create your discount in the "Discounts" option on your Shopify dashboard.

Select "Specific Collections" under "Applies to" and select your newly created collection that excludes the Daily Karma products.

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