How do I add or request a new nonprofit?

To add a charity:

  1. Access your Shop for Good dashboard
  2. Select any campaign
  3. Scroll down to "Select benefitting charities" and click on "Browse all charities."
  4. Then type in the charity you wish to support. If it's already in our system, it'll appear. For example, if I search for "dogs" I get several options of charities with "dogs" in the name:

  5. If it doesn't appear, you can request it:

After you request a nonprofit, it'll then appear as "In Review" in your Shop for Good dashboard as shown below:

After requesting a nonprofit, you'll receive an email confirmation usually within 24 business hours. You'll also receive an email confirmation once your charity has been approved or declined.

You can support up to 20 nonprofits at one time. We recommend selecting 1-3 charities at a time with values closely aligned with your brand values so as not to dilute your brand message (this will also eliminate analysis paralysis if you're allowing your customers to choose their favorite and 3 or fewer will look better on mobile as well). Please note all nonprofits must have a valid public 501(c)(3) status to be approved.

Can I support an international charity?

Yes! You can request a nonprofit from any country. Please include as much information as possible in your request, i.e., location and charity number.

Can I support a 501(c)4 charity?

Unfortunately, our donation processor is legally prohibited from funding 501(c)4's. Consequently, we can only add 501(c)3's to our system.

Why haven't I heard back yet about my charity request?

After requesting a charity, you'll receive an email confirmation usually within 48 business hours. You'll also receive an email confirmation once your charity has been approved or declined.

If you'd like to help us speed up the process by sending us additional information on the charity, or you haven't heard back about your charity within a day or so, you can email us at

Why was my charity request declined?

A charity request will be denied if the charity doesn't have a valid public 501(c)3 status (for the U.S.) or similar for international organizations. If you have further questions about your declined charity request, email us at with the name of your declined charity.

How do I get my charity listed with DailyKarma?

It’s easy! All verified public 501(c)3 organizations in good standing can be listed in DailyKarma. If you’d like yours listed, please contact and include the following:

  1. Website URL
  2. EIN
  3. Logo (squared; JPG or PNG)
  4. Mission statement (100 characters max)
  5. Social media profiles

How do I remove my charity from DailyKarma?

Email and we will remove you from our platform right away.