Preliminary Steps

To set up your first Donate for Discount cause marketing campaign, make sure you've taken the following steps:

  • Selected at least 1 approved charity to support (the charity must not be in review; if your charity request is in review, you won't be able to go live with your campaign until we approve it)
  • Add your credit card
  • Save these changes

Now you're ready for the funnest part!

Customize your incentive & donation request

Now it's time to set your customer incentive and donation request. We recommend offering an incentive that is exclusive and higher value than the requested donation amount, for example a discount of 20% when people donate $10.

Remember to save when you're done!

Customize the look & feel of your widget

Now it gets even more fun! You get to customize the look and feel - use the colors and verbiage that work with your brand. You can also change the horizontal alignment of the widget, its vertical spacing, and choose if it will have a border or not.

Reach out to us at with the name of your font and any other requests if you'd like to customize the widget even more!