Make the Most of Your Campaign with Rich Widgets and Advanced Customizations

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Our partners who take advantage of the widget customization features offered in our Emerging and Scaling plans report increased engagement and donations. Read on to discover their secrets and learn tips and tricks for making your Shop For Good campaigns really stand out in ways that highlight your brand and theme. 


While creating a campaign, or modifying an existing one from the app dashboard, scroll down to “Customize Plugin” to find a host of options to: 


1. Feature the logos of your selected charities
2. Choose custom messaging that inspires more donations
3. Make your widget match your store’s theme with background, font, and button colors 


TIP #1: Highlight your cause(s) with visuals 


Statistics show that customers are significantly more likely to engage with content that includes images. That’s why we provide the option to liven up your widgets with charity logos for the nonprofits you support. 


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   Amy Myers                                                                       Flags for Good                                                                            


Here’s How: 


Once you’ve selected the cause(s) your campaign will support, scroll down to the “Customize Plugin” section. Click the next to “Choose nonprofit logos to display.” This option will let you display the logo(s) of up to three of the non-profits you’re supporting. 


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This feature is available on our Emerging and Scaling plans.                       

Contact to discuss upgrade options today. 


TIP #2: Good Karma is in the details 


We provide a good starting point through default widget messaging, but our clients who further customize the text that appears on their widget report better results than those who leave the generic messaging. This is a good place to highlight more information about your selected cause(s). Is there a theme to the causes you support? What does the campaign mean to you? Your brand? How will it help others? 



   Lancaster Archery                                                            Santito The Kitten Merch Shop                                                  


Here’s How: 


Once you’ve selected your charity logos, just scroll down a bit more and you’ll see where you can customize the text that will appear on your widget. For some campaign types, you can customize both header text and a more detailed campaign description. 

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This feature is available on ALL plans 


TIP #3: Make giving a seamlessly integrated part of the customer experience 


You want your cause marketing efforts to be noticed, but not stick out like a sore thumb. That’s why we’ve made the Shop For Good widgets so easy to customize to match your brand and theme. Add a color background to match or accent your brand colors. Choose your font color to integrate smoothly with your theme. You can even choose button and accent colors to further ensure a smooth and comfortable customer experience. You call the shots! 


                            Skinny Confidential                      


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            Kora Organics                     



Here’s How:
Text color and Background color: Click in the “Text color”, “Background color”, and “BuPon and accent color” text entry fields to access color selectors where you can choose the color you want. Or you can type in the hex code if you already know it.            


These features are available on our Emerging and Scaling plans. 

Contact to discuss upgrade options today. 


Still using the original widgets? Don’t miss out! 


If you have been with us for a while and are on our Emerging or Scaling plan already, you may need to activate some of these features by clicking on the “Convert to rich template” button at the top of the Customization section in your dashboard to utilize these features. 

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Questions? We are here to help! Contact          



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