If your customer requests a refund of their donation, we can remove the donation from the month's total donation charge to your credit card, but the refund request must be made within the 2nd business day of the month for us to be able to remove that donation before it is processed for charity. Just send us the order numbers to exclude.

After the 2nd business day of the month, we are unable to refund a donation already made because the money is being processed and on its way to its designated nonprofit(s). If you give a refund for a donation on or after the 3rd business day of each month, that donation will be added to your monthly donation charge. If we have already forwarded the funds to your nonprofit(s), you will have to reach out to them directly to get the funds back. 

Please email support@dailykarma.com promptly if you have an issue with a donation and we’ll do our best to help.